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Welcome to LS Wraps, the leading vehicle signage and car wrap shop in all of Queensland. Based in Caboolture, LS Wraps offers a state of the art vehicle wrap and graphic design studio fully equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology to produce professional vinyl wraps, vinyl signage, and vinyl lettering for our customers.

When it comes to vehicle signage, LS Wraps is bringing creativity, innovation, and high quality graphics to the market.

Why Car Wrapping

Are you looking for that high pop of color for your car, but don’t want to go through the trouble of a respray?

Maybe you’re happy with your vehicle’s current paint job, but are looking for something new for the time being that offers you something different at an affordable price?

If we’ve hit the nail on the head, welcome to LS Wraps. Vinyl wraps are the number one option if a complete paint respray simply isn’t in the cards for you.

At LS Wraps, we pair high-quality graphic design with state of the art technology to create premium quality car wraps that instantly adhere to the body of your vehicle with ease.

Don’t worry about spending the money on a high-end paint job to show off your custom car – instead, take a look at our car wrapping service. With hundreds of bright, vibrant, and custom finishes and colors, you have the world at your fingertips with LS Wraps.

Vehicle Signage

Are you a business owner?

If you are on the road frequently trying generate a buzz for your business, restaurant, or bar, vehicle signage is a must. Perhaps you’d like to represent a business or a team. Whatever your unique needs may be, LS Wraps is here to help you acquire the vehicle signage materials that you need to showcase whatever you’d like to showcase on your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for some mobile advertising space, a brand logo, or signage for a mobile storefront, LS Wraps will provide you with the eye-catching graphics that catch the eyes of your audience.

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Custom Decals

In the world of custom cars, custom decals are the perfect personalized feature that help to make each vehicle truly custom. If you’re looking for a custom decal, but do not have a specific design in mind just yet, give us a call or make your way to our shop.

Meet with our team of graphic designers and work collaboratively to design the perfect decal for your vehicle. And from there, our vinyl experts will get started on producing your custom decal and installing it on your vehicle.

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How Our Vinyl Wraps Work

Our vinyl wraps are high-quality vinyl prints that are applied with a self-adhesive backing to ensure that they seamlessly connect to the body of your vehicle, following every last curve and contour. We manufacture our wraps with dual color layers to ensure that they’re up to the general wear and tear that they’ll sure face out on the open road, as well as for those high-octane instances where you’re looking to put your vehicle’s muscle to the test.

With the durability required to ensure that our wraps never discolor, fade, or deform, you can rest assured knowing that LS Wraps provides a real, innovative, and graphic visual solution.

Our wraps are made with:

  • Dual-Cast Vinyl
  • Hundreds of Colors & Finishes
  • Pressure-Sensitive & Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Open Air Drain Channels
  • Removable Technology



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